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I'm in the workshop, tinkering away at something truly special for you at YourCreativeChord! While I'm busy constructing, stay tuned for the big reveal. Welcome to the reboot of YourCreativeChord Podcast and the unveiling of TWO book launches this summer. Unlock your creative potential with my empowering Essential Piano Basics Course, set to launch in July 2024. It's going to be an inspiring ride! 🌟 #CreativityInProgress #StayTuned

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Where creativity and inspiration meet transformation.

YourCreativeChord empowers creators and individuals to overcome creative blocks and transform challenges. Host Jenny Leigh Hodgins specializes in bridging creativity, inspiration, and transformation for musicians, artists, writers, caregivers, or anyone seeking to unlock their creative potential in their personal or professional lives.

Welcome to YourCreativeChord!

Hi! I'm Jenny Leigh Hodgins, your host at YourCreativeChord, and I'm happy to welcome you here! This is where we delve deep into nurturing creativity for positive transformation.

At YourCreativeChord, our mission is to enjoy the journey of self-discovery and empowerment through creative flow, wellness, and purpose. Whether you're a seasoned artist, a music enthusiast, a devoted caregiver, or simply need a little boost, you've found your home here.

Together, we'll tap into creative flow and live inspired lives. Whether you want to refresh your personal growth, improve your piano progress, delve into the world of poetry, or just get inspired, I'm here to walk alongside you every step of the way.

But YourCreativeChord is more than just a hub—it's a metaphorical OCEAN where all aspects of life flow together in perfect harmony. Like the ocean's rhythmic waves, our lives ebb and flow, guiding us toward our inherent potential.

I invite you to check out YourCreativeChord Podcast for inspiring conversations and meaningful insights. Sign up for a dose of encouragement and be the first to hear about my upcoming books and courses.

Together, let's walk the path where creativity and inspiration meet transformation. Let's weave a symphony of creative flow and wellness, tapping our greatest potential.

Welcome to YourCreativeChord—where everything comes together as one.

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YourCreativeChord Podcast

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Explore my upcoming June 2024 BOOK LAUNCHES! Start Piano: What You Need for Successful Learning and Kaleidoscope of the Heart books coming soon to enrich your creative journey.


Explore the path to piano playing satisfaction with my upcoming Essential Piano Basics Course launching on July 16, 2024! Led by me, Jenny Leigh Hodgins, YourCreativeChord host, and instructor, this course goes beyond teaching piano techniques. It's about nurturing the transformative power of mindset to enhance and infinitely lengthen your best musical momentum. Whether you're just starting or returning after a hiatus, get on the waitlist now to elevate your piano playing and mindset!

For New and Returning Piano Learners!

Join my Facebook Piano Group for accountability, inspiration, peer feedback, and expert tips from a seasoned music teacher, performer, and composer with over 30 years of experience. Elevate your piano journey today! 🎹🌟
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