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author, poet, musician, podcast host, course creator Jenny Leigh Hodgins at the piano.

About YourCreativeChord Podcast & Host

Jenny Leigh Hodgins: Empowering Creativity and Wellness Welcome to YourCreativeChord, a sanctuary where creativity and inspiration meet transformation in every aspect of our lives. As the host of YourCreativeChord Podcast, Jenny Leigh invites you to a shared experience of self-discovery and creative exploration. With over three decades of experience as a dynamic creative force, Jenny Leigh embodies the essence of artistic expression and holistic wellness. At the heart of YourCreativeChord is a deep reverence for creativity as a guiding force for inspired living. Jenny Leigh's devotion to creative flow is palpable, seamlessly weaving together poetry, music, nature photography, and meaningful life lessons to nurture the soul and ignite the imagination. Drawing from her multifaceted background as a musician, composer, educator, author, poet, and caregiver, Jenny Leigh infuses her work with a unique blend of passion and introspection. Her poetry and lyrics reflect the human experience, touching on themes of love, loss, cultural identity, building a solid inner core, and the spiritual essence of nature. Through YourCreativeChord, Jenny Leigh offers a supportive platform for individuals to tap into their innate potential and cultivate a natural and joyful creative flow. Through her podcast, books, courses, and online communities, she provides practical strategies and heartfelt encouragement to guide others toward authentic expression and a triumphant way of life. Join Jenny Leigh at YourCreativeChord.com, where creativity and inspiration converge to empower individuals to live authentically and embrace the interconnectedness of life. It's not just about music, poetry, or photography—it's about embracing the oceanic symphony of existence and recognizing that it's All One Thing.